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Purple Turtle Short Film Festival 2018

The Purple Turtle Short Film Festival began in Baffle Creek, Queensland, Australia in 2017 to celebrate cultural diversity via World Harmony Day on March 21st. The aim is to offer an artistic platform to our  youth in particular to promote empathy and understanding.

Our world challenges many minority groups with issues ranging from lack of acceptance and recognition to bullying and discrimination.

The purple turtle is a symbol of acceptance no matter race, color or creed and our commitment to our local environment. "Our community is strengthened by its cultural and religious diversity. We are so much more vigorous and effective as a group when we empower one another rather than fear each other. Baffle Creek’s Purple Turtle Short Film Festival promotes fellowship, inclusion and increased understanding and friendship within our community. I hope our region's teachers and students will recognise the festival as an artistic and creative opportunity to help join hands and hearts in peace." - Mayor Matt Burnett

We are encouraging film makers of all ages to join us. Primary School students are invited to make films of 3-6 mins in duration whilst Secondary School students and all other entries should be 6-10 mins. "Baffle Creek’s Purple Turtle Short Film Festival is a fantastic opportunity for the community to celebrate our cultural diversity on World Harmony Day and to recognise the strength and breadth we receive from each other. My hope is that our youth, in particular, will take up this wonderful platform to work for peace and friendship." - Stephen Bennett MP Entries close March 21st.

Awards and screening night will be at Baffle Creek Community Inc Hall on Sat March 25th starting at 7pm.

The four main themes are;