Entering the Purple Turtle Short Film Festival is easy! Entries close March 21, 2017. Simply follow these five steps;

  • STEP 1
  • Create your epic, ensuring you fulfil all the submission criteria, listed below.

  • STEP 2
  • When completed make a copy on HQ video file (MP4 or AVI) & DVD and clearly label it with the title, team and running time.

  • STEP 3
  • Print out, sign and complete the Entry Form. (download here)

  • STEP 4
  • Send your entry along with your entry form, and an entry fee of $20.00 AU dollars (free for school students) before Tuesday March 21st, 2017 (no late entries will be accepted) to:

    Purple Turtle Short Film Festival, 731 Pacific Dr, Deepwater, 4674

    Please pay $20 via electronic direct deposit to;

    Bendigo Bank Acct: Baffle Creek Community Inc.

    BSB No: 633000

    Account No: 146218664

    email us to confirm

  • STEP 5
  • Check the website approximately two weeks before the awards night to see the names of the finalists, and come and attend the Baffle Creek screening and awards night!

Submission Criteria

1. The total running time must be 3-6 minutes for primary school students. All other entries should be 310 minutes, including credits.

2. The themes for films follow; however filmmakers are free to explore and present in whatever manner, style or genre they choose while still keeping in mind ethical and moral standards (ie no nudity, violence, sex scenes or bad language) and that the films are for general exhibition. If you still are unsure about something and need more information feel free to ask us.

a. Diversity is our Strength (Multiculturalism)

b. Religions working together (MultiFaith)

c. Girls/Women thriving (Looking out for each other)

d. Bridging gaps (Indigenous issues, bridging inequality in minority groups)

e. There is also a fifth open section dedicated to wider views that encourage harmony in cultural diversity

3. All films must be submitted in HQ video file (e.g MP4, AVI) & DVD (for viewing & selection purposes) with the title and name(s) of the production team members. The total running time should be clearly marked on the tape and cover, along with a completed and signed entry form.

4. Email us a high resolution photo of yourself, preferably on a shoot set and one of a scene from your film to be used for our website and media-related publicity.

5. Any non-English entries must contain English sub-titles.

An entry fee of $20.00 AU dollars must accompany all entries unless school students (entries are free) please see Step 4