Purple Turtle Short Film Festival 2019

What Inspires You

The aim of our festival is to bring people together and stimulate connection and healing through inspirational short films.
Our community has been through a lot working through 2 once in a hundred year floods and Queensland's largest bushfire; all in the last 8 years.
We invite you to come on a journey with us, to tell our stories; to make a short film that inspires and/or simply join us to witness the best of our community.
We all have the tools to be film makers now but if you want some fantastic help from our regions best, we will be holding film making workshops with STIXPIX's Stuart Mackay.

We are sorry the festival has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

Submission Criteria

1. The total running time must be 3-6 minutes for primary school students. All other entries should be 3–10 minutes, including credits.

2. Filmmakers are free to explore and present in whatever manner, style or genre they choose while still keeping in mind ethical and moral standards (ie no nudity, violence, sex scenes or bad language) and that the films are for general exhibition. If you still are unsure about something and need more information feel free to ask us.


a. Primary School age (12 and under)

b. Secondary School age (13-18years)

c. Open (all ages) Discovery Coast Region

d. Open (all ages) National and International

3. All films must be submitted in HQ video file (e.g MP4, AVI). Along with a high resolution photo of yourself, preferably on a shoot set and one of a scene from your film to be used for our website and media-related publicity are to be uploaded to our FILEDROP (on the next page)

4. Any non-English entries must contain English sub-titles.

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