2017 Children's winners

We were really proud of winners in the Primary School and younger division. Rumi and Mandela Symons helped by mum Sabine Holt placed first with "Lego Life". Harry Layer helped by parents Amanda and Dan placed second with "Harmony"

First Place "Lego Life"

  • Rear - Stephen Bennett MP, Cr Glenn Churchill
  • Front - Mandela, Sabine and Rumi Symons

Second Place "Harmony Layer"

  • Dan, Amanda and Harry

2017 Overall winners

We had some great entries in the Open Section, but Mick Stuth with his entry featuring his team's wonderful work in Nepal known as the "Wild Medic Project" won by audience applause.

First Place "The Wild Medic Project"

  • Stephen Bennett MP, Mick Stuth, Cr Glenn Churchill

Second Place "WIN (Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours) Gladstone Youth"

  • Cr Glenn Churchill, Natalia Muzskat, Stephen Bennett MP

Third Place "Meaning"

  • Cr Glenn Churchill, Sunirmalya Symons, Stephen Bennett MP

Special Commendations "Fight for the Earth - Steve Whitfield"

  • Steve Whitfield couldn't be there on the night but his film was roundly commended for its great message and production..


  • Cr Glenn Churchill, Sunirmalya Symons, Stephen Bennett MP